• What size pump should I use on my recirculation system?

    A pump should be sized to overcome the head losses of the water heater and frictional piping losses. It is recommended that the pump be sized to provide 2 GPM of flow based on 10 feet of head loss plus additional losses. Aquastat and/or timer should be used to maintain…

  • What is Water Hardness?

    Water hardness is the measure of dissolved calcium, magnesium, and other minerals in your drinking water. It is typically measured in grains of hardness which equates to 17.1 mg/L of dissolved calcium carbonate. If not treated hard water can cause mineral build-up in your heater. Mineral build-up reduces flow and…

  • Hot Water Supply Capacity

    Hot water supply performance can be found on the specifications sheet for each heater located on our support site as well as the chart below from our latest installer’s guide.

  • How to Install an External Remote

    To locate the directions for your specific model, please consult your installation manual. How to Install Remotes (Most Units) Considerations on the installation location: The remote should be installed in an easily accessible location. Avoid installing in a place where the water or steam can come into contact with the…

  • How do I raise the temperature above 120F?

    By default Noritz Residential units will lockout temperatures above 120F. Temperatures above that are scalding and could cause harm or injury if you’re not careful. However if you need a higher temperature, you can follow the steps in this video to bypass the lockout: