• Can I vent through my chimney?

    Venting system should not be routed through any other vent, such as an existing masonry or factory-built chimney flue. Vents must be accessible for joint inspection, allow heat dissipation, and cannot exhaust directly into chimney due to back pressure.

  • EZ98 and EZ111 Venting Options

    SV, DV, OD and Flexible. Venting the EZ series is…easy! The high efficiency condensing EZ series offers a variety of venting options to make installation, well, easy! Be sure to check out the installation manual for full details Single Vent (SV) Direct Vent (DV) Outdoor (OD) Flexible Single Vent (FSV)

  • Low Profile PVC Terminations

    PVC-2LPT / PVC-3LPT Low Profile Terminations Introduced in early 2020 for the GQ59 and GQ60 condensing units, this termination offers an easy and clean termination look! Part Numbers: PVC-2LPT (2” Version) PVC-3LPT (3” Version)

  • EZTR – Can the EZTR be common vented?

    No. If the unit is common vented, it may cause severe issues with safe operation including: improper exhaust flow on other appliances, melting of the flex piping, and carbon monoxide leakage.

  • EZTR – The flex vent was cut too short. What can I do?

    The Flex vent cannot be extended in length. You will have to either:  Relocate the unit higher on the wall. Use the leftover flex vent from the included roll (if possible). Purchase new vent and start over. Please take care to measure vent length before cutting; it is always better…