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Why should I buy from Noritz and not Rinnai, Takagi, Bosch, Etc?

Noritz is the #1 manufacturer of tankless water heaters worldwide and has been in the industry for over 50 years. Customers trust Noritz because due to our superior comfort, quality, and support.

Advances in our heat exchanger3 and burner technologies have increased efficiency and temperature control, ensuring comfort for our customers. Product durability is also enhanced with new heat exchangers that use 25% thicker copper piping than the industry standard. Expertly trained technicians are available Monday to Friday 5am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time and Saturday 7am to 3pm PST.

Noritz has also the widest variety of tankless water heaters and accessories. A variety of sizes are available for indoor, outdoor, direct vent2, boiler4, and energy efficient condensing models. Commercial models are available with the ASME1 approval.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Governing agency which create rules and regulations that include boilers and pressure vessels.

Direct vent2
An appliance that is constructed and installed so that all air for combustion is derived directly from the outside atmosphere and all flue gases are discharged to the outside atmosphere.

heat exchanger3
A device used to transfer thermal energy between two or more fluids (e.g. air, water, oil). The fluids are typically separated and not allowed to mix.

a closed vessel in which water or some other fluid is heated. Boilers are typically used for close loop applications.

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Updated on April 17, 2021

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