Error Code 93

EC93 or Error Code 93

An error code 93 relates to neutralizer1 life cycle. The built-in neutralizer1 does have a life cycle and does need to be replaced periodically. The neutralizer1 will need to be replaced and the timer reset.
 The part number for the replacement neutralizer1 is SKD7466.

See parts list located at:

Please visit to find a local service representative.

Article Definitions

A device used to raise the pH of acidic condensate to a value close to 7 (neutral).

Applicable Models

  • Models: N-0841MC-LP, N-0841MC-NG, N-0841MV-DV-LP, N-0841MC-DV-NG, N-0842MC-LP, N-0842MC-NG, N-0842MC-DV-LP, N-0842MC-DV-NG, NCC199-DV-LP, NCC199-DV-NG, NCC199-SV-LP, NCC199-SV-NG, NRC111-DV-LP, NRC111-DV-NG, NRC111-SV-LP, NRC111-SV-NG
Updated on April 12, 2021

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