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Can I install my heater in the attic or crawl space?

It is recommended to consult with your local codes before installation in attic or crawl space1.

Noritz recommends locating the appliance in an area where leakage from the unit or connections will not result in damage to the area adjacent to the appliance or to the lower floors of the structure. When such locations cannot be avoided, it is recommended that a suitable drain pan, adequately drained, be installed under the appliance. The pan must not restrict combustion air2 flow.

As for crawl spaces, Noritz recommends that unit is installed in a location where it can be easily accessible when this is a need for service or maintenance.

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combustion air2
The air supplied to a gas appliance; used to oxidize a fuel

crawl space1
Type of non-living space basement. Often used access to piping, substructures, or storage access.

Applicable Models:

  • Models: All indoor models.
Updated on April 17, 2021

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